Genieversary edits: Peter's Year at 54gene

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Learning about 54gene had me impressed that a Nigerian health technology company focused on advancing healthcare in Africa and the world, exists. I also found the genomics research aspect of the business truly fascinating. It was new and so niche.  Reading about the company’s goals, and how tech would play a huge role made me curious and excited. 

On the day of my interview, I met Mr Francis, our VP, Engineering and a few other people who have become more than colleagues. Their excitement and passion for the work rubbed off on me by a mile and I became more determined to get the role. Among the three other talented UI/UX engineers who applied, I got the job.

I had a misconception about the tech team only playing a supporting role but in my time here, I realized that we were going to play a core role in the success of the business. I mean, right from my first day, I kicked off work in full gear, starting with the website and the pace has not dropped since then.

At the time, a lot of construction work was happening so all 10+ of us worked from a long round table. I am still taken aback by how much we have grown when I remember those days. With every new addition, we have somehow managed to maintain that feeling of family. This is something I love about the company, the fact that people are doting beyond work. 

 It is this same family feeling that has made our hangouts more fun, from TGIF to surprise birthday parties, office parties and even our silly office jokes, like making impressions of people; these moments are some of my fondest memories here.

 Seeing us grow from a team of 10+ working in one room to a 70+ distributed team with many moving parts has been remarkable. I have grown with the team and working on different projects has improved not only my knowledge in user experience and technology but in genomics and general healthcare. Travelling to different sites observing the real-world application of our products has given me insights most people in my field don’t get. For someone who is not very outspoken, these experiences have improved my communication skills.

 In my new year, I look forward to continuing to break new ground on a personal and company-wide level. We have already achieved so much – which is proof of the potential to achieve more. I am proud of being part of the historic work at 54gene and I look forward to being part of the milestones we reach soon.



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  1. Congratulations Peter. It's a blessing to have such a beautiful work environment and work family.

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