Genieversary edits: Francis’ year at 54gene


My journey at 54gene was prompted by Abasi’s dream more than any other thing. He had a truly inspiring and compelling vision. It was this allure of creating a life-long solution to healthcare problems for an entire population and the world that had me saying yes to join in bringing this vision to life. 

There has always been a vivid clarity about the company’s vision, and that has guided our engineering operations every step of the way. Alongside the company’s driven and resolute nature exists a free-spirited and welcoming atmosphere that’s always been there, even right from inception. There’s this unspoken sense of belonging that started early on and that has grown into an undeniable sense of family. Even as we continue to grow in size, the friendly and fun-loving nature of the company continues on. We’re a tight-knit bunch and we enjoy each other’s company even long after work hours. Some of my favourite memories include birthday celebrations, end of the year activities and other simple occasions where we just unwind and connect with each other.

What we have accomplished in under two years is truly wonderful to witness. None of it would be possible without the people that make up the company. I am equally proud of the products we’ve built to support our core business and all the engineering that has taken place across various sectors. Being able to attend to the company’s varying needs at the different stages of its progression has definitely been some of my proudest achievements.

In the coming year, I look forward to the impact our work will have on healthcare across the continent. I look forward to the new chapters I get to be a part of, and the new projects we’ll undertake.

To the new recruits in the company and anyone looking to join our team, my advice would be to get a firm grasp of our core values as every team, department and individual lives and breathes them in their daily operations. At 54gene, we’re also strong believers in rolling up our sleeves and doing the work. I would also add that an in-depth understanding of our vision as a company also helps go the extra mile.

Everyone contributes to the big picture, so we all take ownership, no matter the role we play, I think that’s one of my favourite aspects of 54gene: we’re all an active part of the company vision.

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